About Infographics Store

We offer already made and professionally designed infographics

When buying any EPS Vector infographics in Store the customer can order a free of charge service to adapt the layout to it own need.

Customize colors and typography to the desired layout of your publication. Add logos and other information about your company and much more! All that for free! See how simple it is!

File Formats

EPS Vector - A vector is a file that can be scaled to any size, without loss of quality. Vectors on are offered in EPS format. To work with a vector file you must use vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator (Adobe Illustrator CS3 compatible).

PNG Raster - Non-vector format. These files are flat images that will not allow you to edit the image’s individual elements.


A set of fonts used comes from Google Fonts library - Source Sans Pro.

If you need a dedicated infographic, we will do it for you by designing customized infographics, videoinfographics and mailings. Check our offer!