Terms and Conditions

The license of Infographics given to a Paying User so that they can be used in a Permitted Publication is subject to the following terms and conditions and subject to payment of an Agreed Fee.

Lifetime licence: In return for your payment for each infographic, we will grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, lifetime license to use the infographic to market and distribute those productions worldwide.

Use: Infographics can be reproduced exactly as presented, translated or modified, or used as elements to create a new infographic. Infographics can be used only by the holder Publisher for the news coverage in the media. The granted rights to reproduce, translate or convert infographics, should not be considered that they include the copy-write of the material.

Signatures and notices: The author’s name should be mentioned in each published agency’s infographic. The signature must be exactly as in the infographics, i.e. “Infographic24.com”. If the infographic has been modified by the Publisher, this should be indicated in the signature, e.g. “Infographic24.com / Your Publications”. The signature can be abbreviated, e.g. “I24”, if the lack of space makes impossible the existence of the whole signature or if the signature indicates the use of a single element, either alone or contained in a larger infographic.